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REPORT of the sitting of the Artistic Councilof 40th International Meeting of Young Musicians – Bydgoszcz Musical Impressions


The Artistic Council consisting of:

Adrianna Poniecka-Piekutowska – chairlady, The Krzysztof Penderecki      European Centre for Music

dr Bożena Lewandowska - Jagiellonian University

prof. Marco Antonio Ugalde - Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

prof. Andrzej Zubek - Music Academy in Bydgoszcz and in Katowice

after hearing to 15 groups from nine countries: Belarus, China, The Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Hungary, Italy participating in he competition, have agreed to award the following statutory prizes:



The folklore group KYTICE from The Czech Republic, manager Milena Pitterová



The rock group L.A. from Ukraine, manager Nodari Rosopidze


The folk instruments orchestra from the Classical High School in Zaporoże in Ukraine, conductor Olena Rybałko


The VLASTARELE  ORASTIEI  choir, manager Petru – Androne Eli


The rock group MENINOS  DE  RUA  from Italy, manager Romina Abbruzzese Saccardi


1. The LASTIVKA choir from Ukraine, conductor Oksana Ursatii;
2. The instrumental group FOLK  MUSIC  GROUP  OF  NINGBO  CHILDREN  ART’S  TROUPE from China, manager Chen Fangxia;

3. The accordion orchestra HARMONICA – STYLE from Belarus, manager Lizaweta Pratapopawa;

4. The scout mandolin group FRYGI from Łąkie, Poland, manager Stanisław Gortat;


1. The Belarusian folk instruments orchestra KROPELKI from Belarus, manager Darya Frolova;

2. The folklore group SZIGEKӦZI  CSUTORA  TRADITION CARE  ASSOCIATION from Hungary, managers Szűcs Károly and Lazar Attilane;

3. The folklore group KYTICE from The Czech Republic, manager Milena Pitterová;


The rock group AGOSTRADA  E  LA  BANDA  LARGA  from Italy, manager Agostino Mennella


1. for an interesting interpretation of  “Os Justi” by Miłosz Bembinow to: The girls choir LA  MUSICA from the Middle School no 16 in Lublin, Poland, conductor Zdzisław Ohar;

2. for an interesting performance of “Rondino pastorale” by Jadwiga Szajny-Lewandowska to: The instrumental group FILUM from Serbia



1. The instrumental group FILUM from Serbia;

2. The song and dance group SILESIANIE from the Economical University in Katowice, manager Jerzy Stasica;


The girls choir LA MUSICA from the Middle School no 16 in Lublin, Poland, conductor Zdzisław Ohar


The Artistic Council of the jubilee 40th Bydgoszcz Musical Impressions would like to thank the manager of the Youth Centre “Pałac Młodzieży” in Bydgoszcz Ms Joanna Busz as well as all the wonderful associates. The atmosphere you have created for the participants and managers significantly contributed to the quality of the presented artistic programmes.
Being full of admiration for the work of the Organizers and the high artistic level of the young, talented performers who arrived to Bydgoszcz we are convinced that the Meetings in Bydgoszcz satisfy the expectations of the citizens of the City upon Brda.
We are more the certain that the anthem of BIM  “Sway the world with a song” composed by Włodzimierz Korcz will open the 41st  International Meetings of Young Musicians in Bydgoszcz in 2018.




  1. Belarus - orchestra of folk instruments KROPELKI
  2. Belarus - accordion orchestra HARMONICA- STYLE
  3. China - orchestra of folk instruments from Ningbo
  4. Czech Republic - folk dance group KYTICE
  5. Hungary - folk dance group CSUTORA NÉPTÁNC EGYÜTTES
  6. India - folk dance group BHANGRA DANCE GROUP
  7. Poland - folk dance group SILESIANIE
  8. Poland - choir LA MUSICA
  9. Poland - mandolin band FRYGI
  10. Romania - choir VLASTARELE ORASTIEI
  11. Serbia - chamber music band FILUM
  12. Turkey - folk dance group BURSA KENT KONSEI HALK DANSLARI
  13. Ukraine - choir LASTIVKA
  14. Ukraine - rock band „L.A”
  15. Ukraine - orchestra of national instruments from Zaporozhe
  16. Italy - rock band AGOSTRADA E LA BANDA LARGA
  17. Italy - rock band MENINOS DE RUA



The march participants


National meeting


Folk concert


Concert on the Mostowa St.

Concert at the Eljazz club


Competition, Part II

Concert for children

Fun at the disco


The gala concert in Artego Arena


Photography Workshop Youth Palace:
Sandra Wróblewska, Wera Zielińska, Zosia Bielawska, Monika Rynka, Szymon Makowski, Oskar Zalita, Krzysztof Zaborowski
Jarosław Pabijan




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