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The Bydgoszcz Musical Impressions are the meeting of artistically talented youth from all over the world.
The idea of the festival is to create good conditions and a friendly atmosphere for the presentation of artistic achievements of participants from different cultural areas and to integrate youth through playing music together, having fun and restinpg in a creative way

Aims of the event:

Organizers of XXXX  Bydgoszcz Musical  Impressions

Place and time:


The participants of the XXXX BIM can be youth groups with significant artistic achievements- prize winners of national and international festivals:

Programme offers:

Conditions of participation:

A pre-payment of 30% of the accreditation fee ought to be paid until April 30th, 2017.
Bank account no:
PL 54124034931111001067329044
IBAN  PL 54124034931111001067329044
Owner: Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Pałacu Młodzieży w Bydgoszczy „PAŁAC”

The lack of the advance payment results in excluding a group from the program of the festival.
The pre-payment is not returned in case of resignation.


The organizers of the festival invite all participants to take part in the 39th Bydgoszcz Musical Impressions in which the bands will be competing to win one of the following main prizes:

Moreover the organizers expect other prizes of local authorities and sponsors.

Conditions of competition:

The Artistic Council is the decisive body as to the qualification of the participants.
* The organizers send you suggestions of pieces by Polish composers at the participant’s request. For folkloristic groups it can be an instrumental or vocal-instrumental version of the song of BIM - the score is available in
Areas that are going to be judged are:

The judgements will be made by the Artistic Council designated by organizers.

The application must be filled in and delivered by March 1st, 2017.

The following materials must be also sent in together with the entry form:

Information about admitting the group will be sent at the address of the group by March, 31st, 2017.
We ask you to fill in all the blanks on the entry form very precisely and legibly (in print). The Artistic Council will not take into account the application unless all the materials are sent in. No materials will be returned.
The application form is available in

International Choral and Instrumental Workshops

The International Workshops (for choirs, vocal groups, instrumental groups and orchestras) taking part in the competition will take place during the 39th BMI.
The detailed schedule of the workshops will be presented after the qualification for the groups taking part in the competition.
The repertoire, prepared together, will be presented during  the  gala concert.




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